Building Majorities

Joni is working with conservative leaders at home and across the country in order to cut spending, promote a strong foreign policy, and keep our promises to America’s veterans.

In 2016, Joni traveled the country supporting conservatives in tough races. She campaigned for her Senate colleagues, traveling to Ohio for Senator Rob Portman, Pennsylvania for Senator Pat Toomey, and Wisconsin for Senator Ron Johnson. Each are recognized as conservative leaders in the Senate, and each won big victories to secure their second terms. Joni also went to Indiana to help elect new freshman Senator Todd Young, in addition to trips to Kansas, Nevada and New Hampshire.

Additionally, Joni traveled to Florida to campaign for Brian Mast, an Army combat veteran who lost both his legs as an IED bomb technician. Mast went on to win a closely contested election to Congress in Florida’s 18th district.

When Joni isn’t campaigning to keep the US Senate and US House majorities – she’s raising and sending money to elect like-minded individuals. A key part of JONI PAC’s focus.

Here in Iowa, Joni’s been busy crisscrossing the state to elect conservatives at all levels and grow Republican majorities.

In 2016, Joni went to work helping Republicans win control of the Iowa Senate. Her tireless campaigning for conservatives paved the way for GOP control of the Iowa Senate for the first time since 2004. Joni helped Dan Dawson take down Democratic Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, a 30-year incumbent, by hitting the streets in Council Bluffs and talking to voters on their doorsteps. She campaigned for Republican challengers Waylon Brown, Jeff Edler, and Craig Johnson who would all go on to beat Democratic incumbents. While flipping seats was a crucial strategy for winning a majority, Joni also helped defend 11 proven conservative leaders in Senate campaigns all across the state.

On the other side of the statehouse, Joni worked hard in 2016 to expand the Republican house majority to 59 seats while also campaigning for party leaders like House Majority Leader Chris Hagenow, Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, and Rep. Zach Nunn. Joni routinely appears as a special guest at local GOP events across Iowa in order to engage with party activists, support Republican officials, and promote conservative values throughout all levels of government.

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